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High School Senior Photography

High school senior photography has changed completely! Yes I mean when I graduated in the 80s with my big hair we had 2-3 poses we took and a drape photo and that was it. I remember the props that year. A big wicker chair and a oriental looking fan that hung in the background. Here are a couple of photos that I found on the internet from the 80s.... (I tried to find one of me in my house however I don't have one Whew)! But now senior photos...

What About Children Photography

Children can be little angels when having their photos made. However, some children may not be very happy and can make it hard for a photographer to make wonderful photos. But you know what I say about the whole thing is BRIBERY!! But, don't bring out the bribes until needed. Such as before the photo shoot don't bring up that you have a pocket full of candy or that you would allow them to jump in the mud after getting home and of course into...

What Can I Do To Help

Photography is an art. It is a way to express yourself. Many people have turned to photography to have something to do or to take photos of family and friends. But really what are you wanting to do with your photographs? Do you want to capture emotion, do you want to stop time even for a second or do you simply want to express an artistic side that you just have to show. Photography has been a part of me for over 28 years now. Every time I drive down...

Family Photography

The definition of family according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: The basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children. However we know that this is only a piece of what a family truly is. A family to me is happiness, warmth and a core love that has no definition. It truly runs deep. With that said, I try to take photos thinking of that. I try to get candids, with interaction that demonstrates the...

What Does Family Mean To You?

What does family mean to you? For some it means the special hug from a parent or a certain smile from your child. Even a private joke can go deep into your soul. I smile every time someone mentions my grandfather aka "granddaddy" he always had a way of making everyone laugh. Even in his latter years when he could barely talk, due to multiple strokes. The term "Snider blood" is defined in our family as: 1. Being able to joke around with anyone...

The Craziest Wedding Ideas

According to here are some fun and crazy ideas for your wedding: Plant a tree together during your ceremony. This could take the place of candles being lit. Great idea especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Oh and as the years go by you both can watch the tree grow! Have snow cones at your wedding. Kids as well as adults will enjoy. Especially on a hot outdoor ceremony. This might take a lot of money but WOW!...

Patricia’s 2018 Favorite Wedding Photos (Part 1)

Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear Can you believe it 2018 is over and a new year has entered into our lives. These photos that are about to be shown to you are personal favorites of Patricia. Some are not necessarily be the best but they mean something. Something to Patricia because of the story behind them. These photos of Julie and Philip truly bring joy to those who know them. This #LexingtonKy wedding was enjoyed by all. #Thesignatureclub @The...

Personality Portraits

Patricia has surfed the web and found very few websites that tell her, through photography, what the business is all about. She has squinted at badly lit, low resolution photos, zooming in on the photos only to see fuzz. Patricia feels that it is hard, as a small business owner, to get good quality portraits as well as candids to describe what the business is all about. So she started this project to help those who needed a better visual online...

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