High school senior photography has changed completely! Yes I mean when I graduated in the 80s with my big hair we had 2-3 poses we took and a drape photo and that was it. I remember the props that year. A big wicker chair and a oriental looking fan that hung in the background. Here are a couple of photos that I found on the internet from the 80s…. (I tried to find one of me in my house however I don’t have one Whew)!

But now senior photos are reflective of a student’s personality. They exhibit an environment that, hopefully, captures something special about that person.

The photos should show off special qualities of that person where there will be new changes, a new outlook on life. This is such a monumental time in a person’s life and it needs to be documented. So make sure you get a good photographer that is willing to put forth an effort to capture life as it is now.