Patricia has surfed the web and found very few websites that tell her, through photography, what the business is all about. She has squinted at badly lit, low resolution photos, zooming in on the photos only to see fuzz. Patricia feels that it is hard, as a small business owner, to get good quality portraits as well as candids to describe what the business is all about. So she started this project to help those who needed a better visual online presence. Many people settle for stock photos or phone photography with bad lighting and bad posing. When hiring Patricia, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Patricia has been a professional photographer for over 27 years and is used to bringing out the personality of her subjects. She uses professional grade equipment and software to enhance anything you want.

How do YOU best describe the personality of your office or business?
Patricia will ask you this question as well as many others in the interviewing process to get a feel of what you want to convey in the photographs. Then she will take photos, that best represent your office, so that you can use them for social media, blogs, websites and office presentations.

These photographs will amaze you. They will show subtle nuances that play a part in your work environment. They will make your potential customers stop and take notice when posting them online. Are you in a business that is very competitive? Make yourself stand out from the rest by using Patricia to help you.

Think about it, if you just moved to a new town how would you choose a service like a hair dresser, wedding coordinator or orthodontist? Or even if you have lived in a community for a while, how would you choose a service that you have never needed before like a caterer, seamstress or a plumber? Most people say word of mouth and that is #1. However, if you go online you will see how some
websites will grab your attention more than others. Why? Most of the time it is the photography/videos on the website.

How does it work?
Patricia makes appointments quarterly so that she can give you plenty of time to iron out what the plan is for the upcoming year as well as fresh material for the whole year. Details, portraits, candids as well as video can be a part of your package.

Call her to find out more: 502-348-2300

More about Patricia
Patricia is an entrepreneur too. She has had her business for 19 years and has worked for many companies and other entrepreneurs. She started in the newspaper world, over 27 years ago, working daily on assignments. She developed skills of reading people and scanning the environment, around her quickly and efficiently, to get the best photos possible. She has covered many dignitaries, elections, social issues, etc.. telling stories with her camera.

When Patricia transitioned and opened her studio 19 years ago, she found a passion to tell stories at weddings, using her photojournalism skills. She also shows personalities with other portrait work (families, children, seniors, corporate).

Patricia has been happily married to Lellan Barlow, Jr. for 22 years and has two wonderful daughters Alex 19 and Anna Jean 13.