According to here are some fun and crazy ideas for your wedding:

  1. Plant a tree together during your ceremony. This could take the place of candles being lit. Great idea especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Oh and as the years go by you both can watch the tree grow!
  2. Have snow cones at your wedding. Kids as well as adults will enjoy. Especially on a hot outdoor ceremony.
  3. This might take a lot of money but WOW! Rent a carnival or theme park for some after hours fun.
  4. Have the wedding party ride battery-operated cars into the reception.
  5. Have a picnic and skip the tables for your reception. Lay pillows and blankets and lounge furniture out for your guests.
  6. Have different games at each table at your reception: connect 4, jinga etc..
  7. Have a cotton candy machine at your reception.
  8. Have crazy cookies made into the shape of the couple
  9. Toss mini beach balls as you exit your ceremony instead of confetti or rice.
  10. Call up your college to see if they will allow your mascot to come to the reception.