Children can be little angels when having their photos made. However, some children may not be very happy and can make it hard for a photographer to make wonderful photos.

But you know what I say about the whole thing is BRIBERY!! But, don’t bring out the bribes until needed. Such as before the photo shoot don’t bring up that you have a pocket full of candy or that you would allow them to jump in the mud after getting home and of course into their old clothes. A good one is I-C-E  C-R-E-A-M. Most children love ice cream and yes you can use that as well. Toys are another way of bribing children.  But don’t do it until the child acts up or starts to cry.

Why don’t you bring the bribes out? Because, as a photographer, I have some tricks up my sleeve that might help the child cooperate. These tricks I don’t usually bring out unless the child is getting bored with me and my crazy peek-a-boos and funny sounds. So when you are wanting to have your child photographed by a professional photographer remember if there IS a will there IS a way!!

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