Photography is an art. It is a way to express yourself. Many people have turned to photography to have something to do or to take photos of family and friends. But really what are you wanting to do with your photographs? Do you want to capture emotion, do you want to stop time even for a second or do you simply want to express an artistic side that you just have to show. Photography has been a part of me for over 28 years now. Every time I drive down the street I see angles, lighting or even moments that impress me. But what I really desire to capture are emotions. Whether it is when my dogs are chasing a ball or when my daughter laughs at a video so hard that she is bent over. Those are true emotions that only a camera can capture.

Weddings, like the photo above, are fun to capture. Mom and grandpa coaxing the ring bearer down the aisle. These are moments that will be talked about for generations to come.

Or when the groom says something funny when it was supposed to be a serious photo. These are exactly what I long for. This is what life is about. Yes serious moments are great. Passion is great too but, spontaneity is the cats meow!

During this service the groom was reading his vows and he reached out to his lovely bride to touch her. If only for a moment to tell her he loved her. How wonderful and spontaneous is that.

Experience allows me to anticipate these moments so when hiring a photographer ask them what spontaneous photos can they share.